FSS fees

Why is FSS fee deducted from my salary?

MEPA fee is a statutory payment, which is used to fund service provided by Finnish Seamen’s Service (MEPA).

MEPA organizes different types of courses, library, information, sports and welfare service as well as sports, culture and recreational activities, not to forget holiday apartments in Ylläs.

What do I get in return?

Seafarers who pay MEPA fee are entitled to use all of the services MEPA provides.

Through our library service you can order books and dvd’s to your vessel. We also deliver the latest newspapers and magazines to vessels via our field officers and contact persons.

Our inexpensive courses are tailored for seafarers to meet their timetables.

MEPA-organized sport activities are free of charge and activities that are organized by our cooperation partners are always more affordable than normal market prices due to MEPA’s support.

Ylläs cottages provide a cheap way to enjoy Lappland’s fells.

Versatile culture and historical recreational activities are mainly free of charge. 

ForMare-welfare program is designed to support and improve seafarers’ long lasting life change.

How much do I pay FSS fee?

MEPA fee is 0,1 %, i.e. one per mille of seafarer’s monthly gross income. If a seafarer’s monthly salary is 3.500 € a month, MEPA fee is 3,5 € a month and 42 € a year.


What type of FSS service can pensioners get?

Ylläs cottages: Pensioners can rent spare cottages. However, active seafarers receive priority.  

Courses: After retiring a seafarer can sign up to courses as normal up to the period of six months. After that pensioners can sign up if there are places left. Pensioners pay a fee slightly higher than active seafarers.

Library service: Pensioners are welcome to use the main library in Linnankatu.

Vapaavahti magazine: Retired seafarers and others who may have interest can subscribe to Vapaavahti and have it home-delivered four times a year. Subscriptions: toimisto@mepa.fi, 09 6689 0000.

News telegram: MEPA’s weekly news telegram cover topics from seafare, the most important domestic and international news, sport news and MEPA information.

Sports: Pensioners can take part in golf tournaments by paying a participation fee. If you have any questions concerning sport service and tournaments, contact us at urheilu@mepa.fi.

Recreational activities and seafare culture: MEPA organizes several seafarers’ nostalgic nights.


Questions? Please contact

Päivi Seppälä
+35810 349 3108